Safety Precautions to avoid being hacked on WhatsApp

by Femi Olayinka

An Israeli security firm — Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. recently discovered a series of shortcomings in the popular instant message application called Whatsapp

According to them, hackers can manipulate messages sent to a group by altering the identity and messages of the sender.


This is coming after WhatsApp was reportedly hacked by attackers who installed advanced spyware on an unknown number of smart phones.

According to reports, the hackers were able to install the surveillance technology by calling targets using WhatsApp voice call feature.


However, here are a few things to do to avoid being scammed or hacked ;

Do not use the unsupported version of WhatsApp
Avoid using an unsupported version of WhatsApp. Though the popular GBWhatsApp has been banned by WhatsApp, some users still find a way to install it on their mobile devices.

Authorise the two-way verification process
To do this, click on settings in WhatsApp, select account, then choose two-step verification to enter a 6-digit PIN.

Once this is done, WhatsApp will be safe for use and free from hackers.

For hacked group members
It is advisable to put a call through to the group member whose number has been sending unsolicited messages to the group to clarify if they were hacked.

Remove and re-add the group member
If they were hacked, the admin should remove and re-add the group member. Once this is done, the alleged hacker will be unable to send messages to the group again.

WhatsApp has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people but while using the app, it is a good idea for users to notify friends and relatives about the hack to avoid personal data theft or scams.

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