NPDC’s newly commissioned gas plant to produce 17 trucks of LPG daily

by NewsNG Editor

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday commissioned the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company’s (NPDC) integrated gas handling facility at Oredo, Edo State.

“Scaling up utilisation of Nigeria’s abundant natural gas resources will help spur industrialisation”, Buhari said while he virtually commissioned the project from Abuja.


According to the president, the facility moves Nigeria a “step closer to self sufficiency and supports growth for small and medium sized enterprises”, adding that the NPDC plant will create hundreds of direct, and indirect, employment opportunities and will also support the ongoing drive for alternative auto fuel,” the president said.

The integrated gas facility will provide 200 million cubic feet per day of wet gas to the plant. It will produce around 84 mmcf per day of lean gas. The field produces around 10,000 barrels per day of oil.


It will also produce 330 tonnes per day of LPG, 345 tonnes of propane and 2,600 barrels of condensate. The plant will meet 20% of Nigeria’s LPG demand.

“This translates into a daily load out of 17 trucks of LPG and 22 trucks of propane,” Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.’s (NNPC) managing director Mele Kyari said.

The operator will export this gas to the local market via the Escravos Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS), producing a potential 367 MW of power.

Kyari noted the importance of gas revenues during 2020 when oil prices plummeted.

“This has given us the courage to pursue other projects,” he said.

NPDC is a “leading supplier of gas” for the domestic market and is expected to be the country’s top producer of oil in two or three years, the NNPC boss said.

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