Norway introduces new entry scheme for foreign workers

by Abiola
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Norway’s Ministry of Trade and Industry has released a new entry scheme allowing essential workers to be brought into the country through companies. 

According to Schengenvisainfo News, the scheme permits companies to bring essential workers to Norway, skills including technical expertise and the ability to assemble, disassemble, inspect, repair, maintain or inform about the use of machines or technical equipment are allowed. 


The ministry stated that the employee must have a valid employment contract with the company applying for a position that is essential to keep the company running. 

“Employees who arrive in Norway must comply with current quarantine regulations. The government is also working on a tightening of the use of quarantine hotels at the point of arrival,” the ministry notes, reiterating the conditions outlined in its Immigration Act upon entry.


The employees must travel to Norway within 14 days of receiving the confirmation that they are eligible to enter the country. The employee can also self-isolate at a place of residence available, a requirement the government has made mandatory to be approved in advance.

Employers were urged to have housing approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority ahead of their application to bring essential foreign workers to Norway in line with the COVID-19 entry restrictions. 

The requirement asks that accommodation provided should include a bathroom, kitchen, or food services.

This requirement came after the NLIA noted a number of violations on quarantine housing for foreign workers. 

Iselin Nybø, the Minister of Trade and Industry, touched on the effects border restrictions had on businesses that employ foreign workers, saying that plans to open the borders are being worked on. 

According to the ministry, the first batch of workers is strictly technical to ensure Norwegian businesses’ smooth running. 

It added that other categories of employees would be updated as the government assesses infection rates and the country’s businesses’ needs.

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