Miracle as 64-year-old woman gives birth after twenty-four years of marriage

by Hafeezoh Adekola

After over two decades of marriage, a 64-year-old woman in Uganda has finally given birth.

A 64-year-old Ugandan woman identified as Safinah Namukwaya has given birth after 24 years of marriage. The woman, who got married to her husband Badru Walusimbi in 1996, live in Nunda Village in Lwabenge Sub County, Kalungu District, How Africa reports.


Legit.ng gathers that the woman tried having babies in her first marriage (1973-1987) with another man, but had an ectopic pregnancy where the baby developed outside the main cavity of the uterus and did not survive.

The woman, who hit menopause at the age of 45, has finally been blessed with a child with her second husband despite her advanced age. The woman got married to her husband in 1996 and they have been trying to conceive ever since then.


All Safinah ever wanted was to have at least one child and this has been fulfilled after 24 years of marriage. In Africa, the pressure of having children is usually on couple in their second year of marriage, and the inability to bear children is one of the cause of broken marriages.

Her joy knew no bound as God bless him with a child in a miraculous way after decades of tying knot.


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